Placentia Income Property For Sale & Lease

Placentia is found to the north of Orange County, California. It had a population of 50,533 in 2010, which is quite small, although this was an improvement from the population in 2000, which was just 46,488. It is a quiet city and mainly a bedroom community, which was given the “All America City” award in 1971 by the National Civic League.

The Metrolink project was started in downtown Placentia in 2013, having been financed in part by the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA). Its goal is to revitalize the area and it will include the construction of new homes, entertainment, retail, and mixed used properties, as well as the train station. The city is also has the OC Bridges project that is being done in cooperation with the OCTA and the city of Fullerton, and is expected to be completed this year.

It should be pointed out that income property is that type of property that people and firms purchase and sometimes develop on. The goal is to lease out the property to tenants until such time that it has appreciated substantially in value, when they usually sell it. Income property is often commercial, although it can also be residential. In the latter case, financial experts speak of “non-owner occupied”. For these properties, higher interest rates than owner occupied mortgages can be asked, because they are classed as high risk mortgages.

Placentia Income Property for Sale & Lease – Should You Buy or Lease?

If you are interested in income property in Placentia, whether as an investment or for construction or any other purpose, you may want to choose between buying or leasing.

Let us take a look at the advantages of buying income property, which include the fact that:

  • Your monthly expenses will remain unchanged because amortizations remain constant during the duration of the mortgage.
  • You can get really good tax deductions, including property taxes and mortgage interests.
  • You can lease out some of your space in order to earn additional income.
  • You have the option to use your income property for personal reasons should you not be able to find a lessee.
  • You can benefit from the tendency of the value of the income property to rise over time.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of buying income property include the fact that:

  • You do not have much flexibility, which means that if for any reason you need to relocate, you will need to sell the property first.
  • You have high upfront costs, not in the least because of the 30% down payment on the mortgage. You will also have maintenance, appraisal, and other property management costs to pay.

Unfortunately, income property, by its very definition, is not suitable for leasing. If you were to lease an income property, then you would do so for your own personal use, turning it into a residential property. As a result of this, the only statistics that should be of interest to you are those of prices, supply, and demand for purchased income properties. On the other hand, if would be great to have some statistics on leasing these properties if possible, as those could give you an idea of what you will be able to earn on your property.

Placentia Income Property for Sale – Trends and Statistics

  • The asking price for income properties in Placentia $314,841.90, which is a 0.7% increase over the past three months, and a 10.5% increase year on year. This is higher than the state ($206,014) area and the metro ($254,071.41) area.
  • The index of total dollars available for income properties for sale in Los Angeles-Long Beach-Placentia is 29, which represents a 13.4% increase over the past three months but a 2.5% decrease year on year.
  • The index of total number of listings of income properties available in Los Angeles-Long Beach-Placentia is 24, which is an 8.9% increase over the past three months, but a 1.3% decrease year on year.
  • The profile view index of income property for sale in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Placentia metro area is 97, which is a 24.9% increase over the past three months, and a 22.5% increase year on year.
  • The index of total number of units of income property for sale in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Placentia area is 21, which is a 12.2% increase over the past three months, but an 11% decrease year on year.

Placentia Income Property for Lease – Trends and Statistics

Unfortunately, there are no trends and statistics available on potential income earned on leasing out a property that you have bought. This is in part due to the fact that you could purchase a vast array of different types of properties, and their monthly lease amounts can vary greatly. Investing in income property is one of the commercial real estate investments most likely to give you the highest possible returns if managed properly. At the same time, it is one of the most complicated options out there, due to the variety of opportunities that are available.