Search For Sale

Locating the right property takes a lot of effort. One of the major mistakes when Searching for Commercial property is to try and do it on your own. Some things D.I.Y. are not the best course of action. Not only is it time consuming, but it takes your focus off of what you do best. Put our expertise to work! We can Customize a Property Search for you and take the guess work out.

Location is one of the biggest factors to directly affect your business.  A thoroughly researched market analysis can help you to make a well informed decision regarding a move.  Here are some factors covered in a market analysis:

  • Demographics. Where is your target market?  A demographics report will show where your target market’s population density in specific locations.  Being close to your market can bring in a significant amount of revenue.
  • Competition. Tell me who your major competitors are and I’ll make sure they are far away from your place of business.
  • Traffic counts. Do you need high traffic areas where people can see your sign?  Would your employees rather not fight heavy traffic on their coffee runs?  A traffic count will give you an accurate assessment of the roads near your desired locations.
  • Compare rates. How much extra would a space in that beautiful Main Street building cost?  Different lease rates in desired locations will give you helpful price comparison information to help you decide on your location.