Fullerton Office Space for Sale & Lease

Fullerton, California, was founded in 1887, and as of 2013 had a population of 138,981. The city is only 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles and 11 miles from Santa Ana. Being so close to two major business hubs makes Fullerton an attractive place to purchase or lease office space.

The average household income in Fullerton is around $92,000, making it one of the higher averages in Southern California. This is another appealing feature for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking an office space.

Renting and leasing in Fullerton are different, and offer their own individual advantages and disadvantages. While some of the decision will rest on personal preferences, much of it should be determined through careful research and consultations with specialists in the real estate field.

Finding a commercial realtor is almost always the first step towards getting grade-A office space in Fullerton. This is an area where there are plenty of options, but depending on the type of business you’re running, not all buildings will be suitable. For example, an auto dealership will require more parking area than a medical clinic. Your realtor can do much of the legwork to locate a space that will give you the best features at the most reasonable rate.

Fullerton Office Buildings for Sale & Lease

Buying office buildings in Fullerton is different than leasing in many ways, one of which is the way that buildings are priced and paid for. A lease is generally charged in terms of dollar per square foot per year. Depending on the company that you lease from, and the length of your contract, you may be able to strike a bargain and receive a discount for paying up front, rather than monthly. The price could also be reduced if you choose a location farther from foot traffic and other businesses.

Fullerton is recognized for its thriving residential zones, which are crucial to the success of many local businesses. It is vital to lease an office building in an area that gives you access to the Fullerton population, as well as that of surrounding areas such as Brea, La Habra, Placentia, and Anaheim. While Fullerton isn’t usually thought of as a tourist attraction, it does have a high tourism rate during the summer months, bringing in additional sales and revenue from domestic and international visitors.

Fullerton Office Space for Sale

Prices on office space for sale in Fullerton vary, and can run anywhere from $200,000 for about 600 square feet, to $2.5 million for 6,500 square feet. Of course, this will vary depending on the location, included features and appliances. Commercial real estate is a big commitment, but it can also be a very profitable investment if you choose a location that seems to be thriving and has the potential for considerable growth in the future.

Buying office buildings in Fullerton is not only beneficial if you are planning to work out of the new office site yourself. It is also a wonderful opportunity to bring in additional income by renting out the space to others. If the location has more than one office, you can use one for your business, and lease the extra space to local businesses around town.

You don’t have to live in Fullerton to reap the benefits of buying commercial property there. There are business owners who rent or buy in Fullerton, but live in nearby cities. Due to Fullerton’s larger than average population, it is a popular alternative to the thriving but hectic Los Angeles.

Fullerton Office Space for Lease

Leasing can be beneficial in several ways, including the ability to split security and maintenance costs with other renters if you share a space. In some contracts, the property owner may even carry the weight of these costs, and be financially responsible for other forms of building upkeep as well.

There tends to be more offices for rent than for sale in Fullerton, which works in your favor if you’re seeking a lease. Because there are so many options, it helps to narrow down your search before you even make an appointment with a financial advisor or realtor. Make a list of the features you need, such as:

  • parking lot
  • reception space
  • public washrooms
  • elevators
  • kitchen area
  • on-site security

Bringing these bargaining chips to the table saves you and your realtor some time in finding a prime location for you to do business. This eliminates the need or him or her to show you additional spaces on the market which don’t fit your needs or meet your criteria.

Whether you are looking to expand your portfolio, need a little extra income, or simply need a space for your business, there are options in Fullerton to suit every business style and budget. Meet with a realtor and visit a few properties before making any major decision. Check out spaces available for lease and sale to see if there is much of a difference in terms of size, value, and extra costs.