Mission Viejo Warehouse Property for Sale & Lease

Mission Viejo isn’t known for its large industrial sector, which can be good and bad for those planning to buy warehouse property in the area. On one hand, you won’t find much competition throughout this portion of Orange County, California, but on the other, it could be a little more difficult to find suitable space, as you may be limited by the choices.

If you are buying, one way to get a prime location for a warehouse is to buy the land and build yourself. Of course, this will require the proper permits and zoning, and could be costly as you develop the land and have the building constructed. Another option is to purchase property which is currently being used by a company, and allowing them to continue leasing the building, while holding ownership as a future investment. This works well for those seeking an income property without the extra work and hassle.

Finally, if buying isn’t for you, you can lease a warehouse space based on a rate of dollar per square foot per year, and set yourself up with a long-term lease of five to ten years, so you don’t have to worry about moving large equipment or staff anytime soon.

Mission Viejo Warehouse Building for Sale & Lease

With a population of more than 96,000 people as of 2013, and a strong economy based mostly on retail and other businesses, Mission Viejo is a good area for industrial companies to get in while the city isn’t maxed out. In other cities where warehouses make up a large selection of the businesses, it can be more competitive for industrial companies to make a profit.

Lots in Mission Viejo vary, with units that can host small recycling plants to large lots that store hundreds of containers. Average warehouses in this region are anywhere from 8,000 to 17,000 square feet.

Whether you decide to lease or buy a warehouse building in Mission Viejo, you should be sure that the property you are considering has all the equipment and space necessary to perform the jobs your company completes. It wouldn’t do for you to work in the shipping industry, but have a lot too small for trucks to park, load, and unload cargo. Similarly, in the line of shipping and receiving, you may require bay doors, space for storage, and a reception area. All these features should be considered before making an offer for a particular space.

Mission Viejo Warehouse Property for Sale

Most Mission Viejo warehouses that are available sale will often say that the price is to be determined. This is mostly due to the haggling process involved in commercial real estate of this kind. Although the main price point is usually based on square footage, everything from location to equipment inclusions will go into the end cost. Industrial real estate also tends to be priced higher than home sales or even retail spaces. This can spook buyers when they see that initial figure, so many companies will wait until there is interest in a space to gauge the buyer on price.

Mission Viejo is warm year-round, with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate. This means that the warehouse you choose should be properly insulated, well ventilated, and have air conditioning installed. This is especially true for spaces which will be used as storage, or operate heavy machinery. There is a good chance of overheating in a warehouse that isn’t cooled adequately during use.

Mission Viejo Warehouse Property for Lease

Leasing a warehouse in Mission Viejo is often easier than outright buying one, not only because of the amount of money being spent, but because so many owners use industrial property as a type of secondary income. Some businesses use only part of a warehouse, and rent the other sections to companies in need. This helps them to share the cost of maintenance, heating, cooling, and security.

Leasing can be just as big a commitment as buying when it comes to warehouses. Because these properties are so large and the structures have such heavy-duty purposes, most leases are long term. You could sign a contract that holds you to one warehouse for ten years. This is actually quite beneficial to both parties as it means you don’t have to pack up and move after a year, and the owner doesn’t need to seek out a new renter anytime soon.

Before you buy or rent a warehouse in Mission Viejo visit a commercial realtor and book viewings with the properties you are interested in. Having a professional with you when you do the walk through will help answer many of the questions that you may have, and can shed light on any necessary renovations before you sign a contract. Be sure to have the owner fix anything that needs fixing before you enter into the deal, or get a discount on the costs you’ll pay to upgrade.